Somalia’s starvation part 2

Internal problems are sufficient to provide the Somali year after year topped the list of failed states. International financial crisis and political problems for international donors, however, amplify the effects of droughts in the region. Traditional country - donor money, fail to fulfill their promises to the UN seeks $ 2.5 billion ($ 1 billion For Somalia) to deal with drought and famine in the Horn of Africa. The effects of the economic crisis in Western countries tightened charitable purses and Arab donors have his head problems after the Arab Spring. Other traditionally rich countries that give money - Japan, Australia and New Zealand have their own natural disasters - earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts.
Faced with the very real possibility of starvation, hundreds of thousands of Somalis flee. They have two equally absurd and cynical terrifying possibilities. The first way is to neighboring Kenya, where they can be accommodated in the largest refugee camp in the world Dabab long exceeded the capacity and capabilities. The second direction of escape is the capital Mogadishu, right in the heart of hostilities between "Al Shabaab" and government forces.
After the announcement of famine disaster in Somalia was followed generosity of individuals. However, the lack of footage of destruction, such as an earthquake or tsunami causes people to not be so generous, said the newspaper "The Guardian". For a week the British Committee for Disaster Management raises $ 72 mln., Which, however, is nothing compared to the $ 171 million collected for the Earthquake in Haiti.
Even if you have money, however, aid simply can not reach the needy. A spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Nairobi Ana Ashraf complained that access to starving regions blocked by "Al Shabaab". Intermediaries from Islamic charities also can not act quickly enough, because you have to wait 40 days for delivery of soybean products in Europe. In 2010, the UN complained that the US anti-terrorism measures you prevent supply humanitarian aid because it could fall into the hands of Islamists of "Al Shabaab".