Somalia’s starvation

Malnourished children with swollen bellies have long been an integral feature of our conception of Somalia. While the world is busy with other problems, Somalis flee again, this time from the worst drought in the Horn of Africa over the past 60 years. Here people are really in crisis. Every day hundreds of them die. Warnings of a looming crisis there since the summer of last year, while the Islamists of "Al Shabaab" (from Arabic - youth) cause the wrath of the international community for years. This time, the international community unfortunately does not even attempt to show interest. In Somalia, however, are used to - hunger and armed conflict for decades have become a way of life for millions.
Somalia is starving and nearly 3 million people are at risk of death due to malnutrition. Looking back into the past of the country, it actually does not cause such a surprise as natural disasters elsewhere in the world. In the early 90s of last century after the coup against the regime of President Siad Biard international community is trying to restore order in Somalia. Episode emblematic of those days is the Battle of Mogadishu, a film in the popular movie "Black Hawk Down." The failure of American troops makes Washington to withdraw and this cooled the enthusiasm and other Western countries. Somalia has been left alone.
Since then, the country has only a formal concept - in the northern part of the country is requesting the autonomous region of Somaliland, which actually features so atypical for Africa democratic elections and voluntary transfer of power after them. The neighboring semi-autonomous Puntland is home to Somali pirates that hinder shipping in the Gulf of Aden. A representative of Somalia to the world is considered by the UN-backed government. According to the Special Representative of the African Union for Somalia Boubacar Diarra Gausu before the magazine "Foreign Policy" officials, however until recently controlled "only parts of Mogadishu."
A major player and the main cause of local level food shortage is the Islamist group "Al Shabaab" that govern the southern parts of the country, including areas officially declared by the United Nations hunger. Impervious to any control "youth" govern as earn money primarily from extortion, humanitarian aid and the sale of coal for the Arab States of the Gulf. "Al Shabaab", however, believe the presence of non-Muslims in their lands contrary to Islam and do not allow access of international humanitarian organizations. As a result of the severity of their World Food Programme of the United Nations (WFP) refused to work in Somalia because its employees were being persecuted and in some cases murdered by Islamists.