Hope despite of the crisis

The events of Somalia rarely give cause for hope. However, even now, when the situation seems desperate, with grim stories about the suffering of the local population, the media appear concrete proposals of experts on disaster situation.
Firstly you need to feed the starving, experts are unanimous. Then it is necessary to ensure peace, which is currently too difficult for Somali government forces and numbered 9200 people peacekeepers of the African Union. Once these two steps have to support Somalis to build new political institutions and government bottom-up, as happened in Somaliland, says the "Guardian", quoting experts.
To feed the population, aid that send UN and other humanitarian organizations need to reach areas controlled by militants. Here especially useful can be Muslim humanitarian organizations enjoy a significantly better treatment by "Al Shabaab" than other colleagues.
Short international attention given to Somalia after the official announcement of famine, will not save all of the disaster. However, this is an opportunity to pressure on "Al Shabaab". Offensive peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi under the auspices of the African Union was able to drive them from the main shopping street "Shack" in the center of Mogadishu, where their income comes mainly from the collection of "taxes". A little later they unexpectedly announced a "change of tactics" and withdrew from the entire city. This allowed the first five years of direct air shipments of humanitarian aid in Mogadishu.
The humanitarian effort is unlikely to change the overall political picture in the Horn of Africa torn by tribal and religious rivalries. Hardly anyone at the time he thinks about Somalia. The world is scared of falling stock markets and the US are concerned about the loss of precious A minute of rating. Meanwhile, Somali women will continue to be lining up for aid for malnourished children. Again and again