The best place to raise a children

Buhodle is publishing the final results of an annual ranking of the NGO Save the Children ("Save the Children") examines the situation in 178 countries worldwide.
And although in different parts of the world conditions are different - in Western countries assessments of society as given for this is there provided kindergartens and centers with adequate care, and in African countries - whether there is enough food, the important thing is ultimately one – the welfare of children.
In countries in Africa and in the developed world, it mainly depends on the mother and whether she can make an informed choice about treatment, education and generally the future of their children. Therefore, one of the assessments Save the Children is based precisely on education, health, economic and political status of women.
Differences between first and last country are appalling. In Somalia, which occupies the last position, one of 16 women die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. In Finland, ranked first, the ratio is 1 to 12 thousand Women. In Somalia, 15% of children did not live their fifth birthday, while in Finland the figure of these who doesn’t have the chance to blow 5 candles on the top of birthday cake is only 0.3.
The main reason for the high mortality rate for children and mothers in the developing world is the lack of health services.
Following years of children's development are very important for their social future - talking about access to education. Somali children spend in the education system an average of 2.5 years, while Finnish - 17 years. Following are other major problems, especially for women in African countries - early marriages. So the lack of quality education limits the economic status of women and dooms their children, and the gap between rich and poor continues to grow.
According to the findings of Save The Children best countries for mothers, respectively, and for children, are mainly in Northern Europe, and last positions in the ranking occupy African countries - Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. In most of the countries in the bottom of the rankings are led military conflicts and population suffers from chronic lack of access to health services.